Joy Turner
Spiritual Medium, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Counselor

Joy Turner

   Thanks for coming to one of my websites!  It's my honor to be able to assist you and/or your animal companions on your Life's journey. 

Since I work with both animals and humans, this site is designed to provide information about my services and help you find my appropriate service for you.  More about me and my services can be found by clicking the Overview tab and at the following locations.


Do you want to know what your animal companions are thinking and feeling? Do you have questions about their health, likes, dislikes, life choices, or anything else? I can speak with animals both in body and those
who have crossed over.


Do you have people on the Other Side you would like to speak with? Or are there issues in your life you would like guidance about from your Soul and Spiritual Guides?
I can speak with all Beings on the Other Side and with your Soul and Spiritual Guides to have them provide you information about anything you want help with.


I channel a group of Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides and Universal Consciousness collectively called OM.  We provide seminars called The Art of Becoming - How to Become a Vibrational Match to Your Heart's Desires.  These seminars teach the principles of creating consciously the life you want to live and how to let go of things you don't want in the quickest and easiest way following Universal Laws.


Joy Turner
23108 118 Street SE
Monroe, WA  98272


Our Official Photographer is Glenn Weissel                                          

Glenn Weissel
Visionary Photographer & Portrait Artist

"Portray your inner essence through heart-connected photography [Lightography]."

Lightography:  Portraits that radiate your inner light.  We specialize in creating photos that perfectly portray your inner and outer beauty.  Light radiates throughout the world when people witness their inner light shining in heart-connected and heart-felt photographs.

For over 30 years Glenn has been photographing people, their four-legged family, and the beauty of nature.  His life's purpose is to serve others through his heart and camera.

Photo credit:  Karen Wegehenkel
Custom Stype Credit:  Glenn Weissel

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